Do not expect miraculous tips on improving your SEO. I will not tell you which newsletter software to use either. My focus lies on full-range pay-per-click and search engine advertising. If you need help setting up, managing or reviewing campaigns you have come to the right place.

PPC audit (free)

Reviewing is always good, right? Especially when it's for free! Let's find out what can be improved. No strings attached.

Campaign Management

From setup, through optimization to evaluation. Full-range campaign management that helps you achieve goals while reducing costs.

Ads Translation

From German, Czech into English or vice versa. Word for word translations can easily lead to money wasting. Let a professional help you get it done!

Custom Banners

Grab the attention of your customer with unusual animated or interactive banners. Easily upload them via your Google Ads interface.



Renting costs or employee salaries are not my concern. I charge for the service I deliver. Do not expect termination fees or other "hidden" charges.


Your will not be one of the 100 clients managed by the intern. Every customer is a VIP and the success of each ad account is my biggest motivation.


Do not consider me as an outsourcing external. Rather consider our cooperation a long-term, fair partnership mutually benefiting both parties.

What is PPC Marketing?

An online model in which you only pay when your ads are clicked on. This allows advertisers to show targeted ads on search result pages based on specific keywords. For example bidding on the keyword "bike" might trigger your ad linking to a particular landing page of your online store.


Building a profitable Google Ads account is not always easy. From researching and choosing the right keywords, to organizing those terms into well-structured campaigns and optimizing ads and landing pages. However in general the cost of a click is trivial to the profit it can generate. A click worth 30 Cents can easily lead to a purchase of € 100. This advertising concept is especially popular among small and medium-sized businesses as no big budget is needed to target potential customers with tailored ads.

Is PPC Marketing beneficial?


Advertising systems

Google Ads is by far the most popular a widespread SEA advertising system in the world. Similarly Microsoft's search engine Bing offers its advertising platform on Bing Ads. The impact of social media is growing faster then ever. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn an others networks have their ad systems were products or services can be promoted.


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